LG squares up with Samsung in red-hot B2B commercial display market — announces Business Cloud CMS for digital signage and LFDs

 LG Business Cloud .
LG Business Cloud .

Following its recent move into smart factories, LG has cemented its plans to further expand into the B2B market, taking on South Korean rival Samsung in the intensely competitive business commercial display arena.

LG CEO William Cho stated at CES 2024 that the company was planning to expand its B2B product portfolio to include even more innovative, customer-driven solutions, and at the recent Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, the firm took the wraps off its new Business Cloud CMS platform. This offers a way for LG’s business customers to explore, subscribe to, and manage LG's digital signage cloud solutions remotely.

The platform is compatible with several of LG's digital signage lineups, including Micro LED displays, commercial TVs, Transparent OLED Signage, and LED displays. LG says the platform will streamline the process of setting up a commercial cloud solution digital signage, eliminating the need for multiple-page browsing, inquiries, and sales representative engagement.

Trial licenses

LG Business Cloud includes the LG SuperSign Cloud digital signage CMS and LG Pro:Centric Cloud, the company's hotel TV-focused CMS. The platform also features the LG ConnectedCare remote management solution, which monitors the performance of LG signage and sends email alerts for unexpected events.

“LG Business Cloud is a dedicated platform that simplifies the management of LG digital signage cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Business Solutions Company. “LG is a total solutions provider, offering innovative commercial signage displays and convenient, time-saving management software that enhance the customer experience.”

The platform provides trial licenses for users to explore LG's cloud solutions. Customers can then select a preferred solution, configure the license agreement duration, and activate the license post-purchase.

LG says Business Cloud imposes no restrictions on the number of devices that customers can use to access it, and they can monitor the status of connected LG digital signage in real-time and control it remotely.

LG Business Cloud is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of this year. The platform will initially be available in North America, but LG plans to expand to other markets, including South Korea and Europe.

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