LG ThinQ app lets users voice control smart appliances with their smartphone

LG updates the ThinQ mobile app to provide smart appliance owners with new features and services for their devices

LG has updated its ThinQ mobile app -- previously called SmartThinQ -- to include features and services that help smart home appliance owners more easily control their products while away from home.

Back in August, LG's SmartThinQ mobile app gained the Google Assistant so that smart home device and appliance owners can control products with their voices even when out of the house. On Wednesday, the application got a new name and some new features: the new ThinQ app now provides users with personalized support, automatic reordering and customized operation.

ThinQ can warn users about potential issues about connected appliances before they evolve into serious problems as well as facilitate technician visits. As a result, the lifespans of appliances could be extended.

The app can also automatically have products associated with an owner's appliances (laundry detergent, dish soap, fabric softener, etc.) reordered and delivered via Amazon Dash Replenishment. The user can pre-select various products and have new stock sent to their home at the tap of a button.

Lastly, Smart Care+ and Smart Pairing optimize appliance operation -- like the refrigerator's temperature or the dryer's drying cycle -- based on usage patterns. The app will, for example, automatically set the fridge to a power-saving temperature during a time when it's not usually in use or select the appropriate drying cycle for a laundry load based on which washing cycle was used.

Rye Hye-jung, the executive director of LG's Smart Home Business division, described the enhanced app as being the "perfect example of our vision to deliver a more convenient smart home experience without the steep learning curve that advanced products often demand."