LG’s webOS 23 finally lands on these older TV models — see if yours is on the list

 LG TV with gaming on the screen in living room.
LG TV with gaming on the screen in living room.

LG is bringing modern features and upgrades to its older models through new firmware as seen on its 2023 TV lineup, called webOS 23.

The update is gradually rolling out across 2022 LG TVs, thus if you don’t have any notifications on upgrading you’ll have to wait until it becomes available on your specific model. The rollout consists of LG 2022 TVs in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

LG’s webOS 23 includes a completely revamped home screen menu and additional levels of functionality, specifically for Gaming, Music, and Home Office, among other changes. It also brings expected security upgrades and improved performance.

These updates come as part of LG’s ongoing webOS Re:New Program, which will see older TV models starting from 2022 and onward retroactively fitted with updated firmware, giving them a bit of a refresh at the same time as newer models launch.

A web(OS) of upgrades

LG webOS 23 main menu screen
LG webOS 23 main menu screen

LG first introduced webOS 23 in early access beta back in early February for select LG TV users. It now will slowly rollout across the rest of LG’s 2022 TV lineup, including even its 2022 8K LCD and 8K OLED displays. Missing from the update sheet, however, are the LG A2 OLED and LG B2 OLED TVs, which could see an update eventually, but LG has not yet confirmed if this is the case.

The update brings much-needed performance enhancements, stability, and tighter security to 2022 LG TVs. It also adds a Helpful tips section and Settings at a glance, for simpler picture tweaking.

LG’s webOS 23 also has a completely revamped home screen that adds a wider title card for TV and movie advertisements, as well as much smoother tiles for categories like Game, Music, and Home Office. These three aforementioned categories will also have enriched service functionality.

LG 2022 TVs receiving the webOS 23 update:

  • LG G2 OLED

  • LG C2 OLED


  • LG Z2 OLED

  • LG QNED99 8K Mini-LED (2022) 

  • LG QNED95 4K Mini-LED (2022) 

As webOS 23 starts to roll out on 2022 models, many still await features as seen on the 2024 LG TV lineup, most important among them being Chromecast functionality. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a whole year, until 2025 at the earliest, to experience these features on older TV models as LG is holding webOS 24 hostage.

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