LGBT party canceled because of miscommunication not homophobia: Singapore venue management

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A venue management, which got called out last week by organizers of a canceled LGBT party, denies claims that they were “uncomfortable” with the “gay event”.

IMC Group Asia, who manages events at Capitol Theatre, told Coconuts recently that they party pooped the SLAY Harajuku event scheduled on May 27 because of miscommunication within the company.

“This is inaccurate. The main problem was due to lapses in our internal communications,” their statement read.

Los Angeles party organizer Slay LA last week broke the news that the event was canceled last minute because IMC told them that neighboring tenants, including a mosque, had complained about a previous EDM event held over New Year’s Eve, which made stakeholder Perennial Holdings ban EDM events indefinitely.

They also allegedly said that Perennial Holdings was uncomfortable with Slay being a “gay event” and terminated the hire agreement days later.

Slay ended up canceling the entire event after they could not find an alternative venue in time.

In their recent statement, IMC clarified that they have “set a guideline to avoid EDM events” after a previous EDM Don’t Let Daddy Know New Year’s Eve Party left Capitol Theatre “in an extremely bad condition” where they had to make “significant reparations.”

But this was not communicated properly to their venues management team which resulted in the abrupt cancelation of Slay.

“We regret this outcome and will improve on our internal communications,” they wrote.

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