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Wednesday 19, February

The Moon is in Capricorn today, drawing your attention to home and family matters again. This can be grounding and helpful as you try to navigate your way through the early days of Mercury Retrograde. Stay rooted to what matters the most and you'll get through anything and everything, Libra.

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Tuesday 18, February

The Sun dips into the magical waters of Pisces very late tonight, where it will fill up your house of work for the next four weeks. The only caveat is that Mercury Retrograde is surging backward through this part of your horoscope until 4 March. Even if things are weird and messy at the office in the next few weeks, know that every temporary step back creates the possibility for forward momentum.

Monday 17, February

The first Mercury Retrograde of 2020 began early this morning, and you'll likely feel it in all its messiness today, Libra. The foggy effects are amplified by the Moon squaring Neptune, making your communication zone into a ball of confusion. You might feel like people are speaking (and texting) in tongues.

Sunday 16, February

Your day-to-day work life might feel like a total mess at the moment, Libra. Blame it on Mercury Retrograde, which officially starts today. You have no more excuses to avoid all that's piled up on your desk. You know what needs to be done, it's just been so incredibly hard to focus. You can return to it now, and work out the kinks.

Saturday 15, February

The financial focus continues as you question whether you are actually in balance with your money. If you're feeling totally off-kilter, blame it on your love for beauty. It's hard to resist the next pretty and shiny object, but you also can't stand being in debt. So what to do?

Friday 14, February

You're a sappy romantic at heart, and love any reason to bring in flowers and chocolates. You also love relationships. In other words, this is your kind of day. Even if you're a single Libra, you can celebrate self-love and all of the sweetness of the people who adore you - and those that want to bring gifts, because the Moon is in your house of all things luxe.

Thursday 13, February

The Moon is still in your stars for one more day but she's currently in great conflict with the big guys -- Saturn and Pluto. Power struggles and ego trips abound, despite your desire for peace. People will do everything in their power to push you to your limits, but just remember you have other options.

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