Lighten up! Fans prefer Korean actress Song Hye-kyo au naturel

Sylvia Looi
Korean screen darling Song Hye-kyo has bounced back from her divorce with modelling jobs but her gothic make-up did not go down well with some fans with many prefer her light make-up. — Picture via Instagram/ kyo1122

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 — Barely a month following the finalisation of her divorce from actor Song Joong-ki, Korean screen darling Song Hye-Kyo has bounced back and is being featured in various campaigns.

Chinese publication Sin Chew Daily reported that the divorce from Joong-ki has not affected Hye-kyo’s reputation with many companies getting in line to sign her up to promote their products as a show of support.

Hye-kyo’s gothic make-up for a certain campaign photo shoot however did not go down well with some of her fans.

Many online criticised her heavily made-up look, saying it was not suitable and made her looked “wild”.

“Plain make-up is best for her,” one commentator posted while a handful said the make-up made her looked stylish.

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