Lim Tean: Political activist Leong Sze Hian is Singapore’s Rosa Parks in defamation suit against Singapore PM

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    Abuse of proceeding, speakers need to stay focus on subject of the day.
    Too much distraction, deviation on other matters, end up like rojak show.
    Nevertheless, KUDOS & much appreciated for the tireless effort for JUSTICE in Singapore. Many thanks
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    Miyagi Pendre
    "Among the accusations made at the rally, Lim said that PM Lee had allegedly abused the process of the court in filing a suit against Leong for sharing a post on Facebook written by Malaysian publication The Coverage that was allegedly defamatory." Why is it that when an opposition says these things it is immediately categorised as "accusation" but when PaPies say it, they are so-called "truth". We are rooting for the opposition for the next general elections including Lim Tean. Too much lies and cover-ups by and from the PaPies.
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    He's correct on a number of points, like the abuse of processes, the erring direction of meritocracy in Singapore......but the cpf part, I'm not exactly sure if it has lost its relevance as he had pointed out. I think Lim Tean is walking a tight rope, Singaporeans may not be that uncomfortable yet to expect wholesale changes to the govt. Tan Cheng Bock comes across as more logical and rational. Lim Tean is a great orator and surely a very intelligent man, but has he felt the pulse of most Singaporeans yet? I think perhaps not yet. Tan Cheng Bock is still miles ahead in this respect. But credit to Lim Tean, I think with the right advisors, this man can go far.
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    A first world country like Singapore must have freedom of expression, etc, etc.
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    Joo Mong
    Usually counter-sue means the party that started the legal suit expected to likely lost the case? Example: one realty agent said he wanted to sue me. I replied I can counter-sue him. He quickly said he not so fierce to sue anyone. He closed down his company later.
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    Native Singaporean
    Our PM is making Singapore's PAP ministers like untouchable and not even criticize at all. Without criticism, how can a person comes to his sense of being himself as a human being. The longer PAP stays in power, the more paranoid PAP Ministers would become. And to protect them, they use legal means as a wall.
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    The Unwanted
    i salute this man who really stand up for unjusticeness.
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    pinky only pick the weakest link to sue..why not sue his siblings?
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    The Unwanted
    This man got all the points 100%correct.
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    “disparage and impugn (PM Lee’s) character, credit and integrity”.Didn't realize had them in the 1st place or there was any left.after the LKY Oxley family fracas..