Lin Chi-ling and Akira's official wedding held in Tainan

18 Nov– Lin Chi-ling finally had her wedding ceremony on 17 November, five months after announcing her marriage to Japanese singer Akira.

As reported on Mingpao, the Taiwanese actress, who held their wedding at her parents' hometown Tainan, stated that it was her husband who suggested that they hold the wedding in the city, to remember her roots and embrace the memory she and her family had of the said place.

She also expressed such in her wedding vows, saying "This place is filled with my parents' love. Thank you for holding my hand so warmly and returning to this place to form a family. We have known each other for eight years. Thank you for letting me believe in love and giving me courage. I am willing to face everything in the future with you, all the good and the bad."

Following their ceremony at the Wu Ancestral Hall, the couple made their way to the Tainan Art Museum for their cocktail party and banquet.

Speaking to the media after the reception, Lin said that she is happy to receive everyone's blessings.

The actress also took to social media to share a photo from the wedding, captioning it, "1117 - We'll live a happy life."

(Photo Source: Mingpao)