Lindsay Hubbard Is On Her 'Revenge Body' Journey After Her 'Humiliating Breakup'

summer house season 8 lindsay hubbard
How Lindsay Hubbard Got Her 'Revenge Body'Bravo

They say the best revenge is living well, but ask Lindsay Hubbard, and she’d say the best revenge is living well … and looking even better.

“I love the idea of a revenge body. I think that there's no better compliment after you go through a breakup than, ‘You look good,’” the Summer House star tells WH. “I think a revenge body just naturally comes after a very stressful, very public, and super humiliating breakup.” She is, of course, referencing her broken engagement from Summer House co-star/ex-fiancé Carl Radke that dominated tabloid headlines in October 2023 and is expected to be a major plot line for season 8 of the hit Bravo reality show.

Lindsay is quick to admit that she lost "a lot of weight" after the breakup due to "the way I handle stress and anxiety," she says. More importantly, though, she dropped a lot of emotional "dead weight" by finding healthy ways to reconnect to herself and her values.

Exercise has always been "a form of therapy" for Lindsay, who grew up "playing every sport under the moon." She loves working out for the physical and mental health benefits and views each sweat sesh as a time to connect with herself. "You're in your own world. It's the one time that no one has access to you, and it is the one time of day that you have for yourself," she says.

Ahead, Lindsay shares how her workout routine and approach to nutrition have helped her heal from her breakup and become the strongest version of herself—inside and out.

Hot girl walks are a key part of Lindsay’s exercise routine.

While Lindsay loves a boutique fitness class (more on that in a sec), one of her go-to workouts is simply going on walks around the city. She typically heads out with a friend, so the exercise doubles as a bonding session. “Walking is just a really great way of clearing your mind and catching up, while also doing low-level cardio,” Lindsay says.

Although she's usually a runner ("It's cold out," she explains of her recent reluctancy to pound the pavement), Lindsay loves that she can still tone her legs with a gentler form of exercise. "With walking, especially in New York but just in general, that one muscle in your leg starts to indent a little bit further and deeper each time," she says.

She also swears by the SotoMethod to tone her core.

The cardio-sculpting workout class is "great for toning," says Lindsay, and she most often sees results in her core. "Obviously, it's super difficult [to be consistent] when you're traveling all the time, so I just try to do as much as I can," she adds.

summer house season 8 lindsay hubbard
Lindsay Hubbard shows off her abs in the Summer House season 8 promotional photo. Bravo

But don't worry—Lindsay hasn’t broken up with Barry’s.

Summer House fans will recall many a weekend morning where Lindsay and Carl would head to a Barry’s Bootcamp class, usually before the rest of the cast was even awake. It’s something the couple became known for, but Lindsay wasn’t about to lose it in the breakup.

“I used to go to Barry's four or five times a week…and then over the last five months, my routine got a little bit crazy with travel,” she says. "I just love the Barry's workout, [so] every once in a while, I still pop into Barry's. It's a little bit hard to keep a consistent routine at one specific studio in New York City, especially since I've been traveling down to Nashville a lot more. But they do have a Barry's there, and it's wonderful.” (Lindsay's been splitting her time between the two cities while creating an Airbnb in Music City.)

lindsay hubbard at barry's bootcamp charity class for chick mission

To fuel her workouts, Lindsay opts for simple, nourishing meals.

The reality TV star begins her busy days with a protein-packed breakfast, either making a smoothie with protein powder, collagen powder, fiber powder, berries, almond butter, and almond milk, yogurt and granola, or hard boiled or scrambled eggs. "My lunch usually involves a half of a sandwich because everyone knows I love sandwiches," she says, referencing her most-quoted line from Summer House season 5. "So, I'll eat half a sandwich or a salad."

lindsay hubbard
Lindsay in the kitchen of her Nashville Airbnb. Ford Fairchild | @fordfairchild

Lindsay takes a laissez-faire approach to dinner, especially if she orders in or dines out, "it's just wherever I wind up." But she "started cooking again" since the breakup. "It's usually very simple dishes because it's mostly just for myself—it's like a fish, a carb, and a vegetable," Lindsay says. "My favorite fish of all time is mahi mahi or grouper, but that's a warm weather fish. So up here [in NYC], I typically make salmon with garlic, lemon, and rosemary roasted in the oven." She pairs her protein with Jasmine rice and roasted broccoli or zucchini.

She also approaches alcohol differently.

After the breakup, Lindsay didn't go sober (something she's tried out in the past to support her ex's sobriety), but "I definitely didn't drink that much," she says.

"[The breakup] was very, very public, and I was essentially in hiding. I just didn't leave my apartment for a couple of weeks, and so the girls would come over in flocks and always bring wine," Lindsay recalls. "I would just have a glass or two, and that was it."

"My relationship with alcohol has slowed down quite a bit just because I'm so busy and focused with my head down," she continues. "I think I'm past this stage in my life where I'm going out and partying after a breakup, and I'm more about getting back to my roots and who I am and my body."

While Lindsay still loves a glass of wine with dinner, she's taking a more measured approach to imbibing these days.

Ultimately, Lindsay looks at her breakup as a "cleansing" experience.

"I think a breakup, especially at this level, tends to come with a lot of cleansing," she says. "I had a very, very certain future—or, I thought I did—and all of a sudden, it was very uncertain. So then you start looking to what you can control in that environment, and you can control your health and nutrition because everything starts from within."

Looking within has also helped Lindsay heal from her breakup. "I think, as women, we're highly intuitive. Sometimes, we trust our gut, and sometimes, we ignore our gut," she says. "And I think the biggest life lesson is to never ignore your gut intuition and never ignore red flags. It's important to just listen to what's right for you."

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