Lindsay Lohan says she had an emotional reaction to her son watching ‘The Parent Trap’

Lindsay Lohan Oscarsy 2024
Amy Sussman / Getty

As a brand new mom, Lindsay Lohan seems to be embracing all the special first moments she’s shared with her son, Luai, who was born in July 2023. On Thursday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Lohan told the talk show host about a recent “magical moment” that brought her to tears, and it involved The Parent Trap.

Barrymore asked Lohan if she ever watches any of the films she’s been in, sharing that she never really does because it “would feel indulgent.” Lohan shared that she doesn’t mind if someone puts one on, but she’ll find herself in the kitchen or doing other tasks to avoid hearing her own voice. (Understandable and relatable! But with both actresses starring in some of the most beloved movies of all time, dare we say, ladies, that you’re missing out on some cinematic greatness?)

Then, Lohan dropped the sweetest tidbit about her son, 8 months. “Oh actually, I just wrapped a movie four days ago and I came home from work and my son was getting ready for dinner time,” the 37-year-old revealed. “And I opened the door and he was watching “The Parent Trap.” It was just on the TV.”

“And I started crying because I’m like, he doesn’t even know that’s Mommy yet. I was like, do I turn it off or do I just… he was kind of just staring. Because maybe, my voice is still similar to how it was then. So I was like, maybe he knows, like a little bit that it’s me because it sounds like me.”

“But it was a really magical moment. I took tons of pictures of it,” she gushed.

Hopefully the Irish Wish star will come around to enjoy some of her classics with little Luai when he’s a bit older. He will absolutely love Chessy and Martin. Kevin Gnapoor! Glen Coco!! (As a personal aside, she should also introduce him to her criminally underrated music career, because both her albums are flawless, zero-skips. I said what I said!)

Lohan shares Luai with her husband Bader Shammas, whom she married in 2022. On Mar. 7, she told TODAY co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that the couple plans to have at least one more child, especially since she herself has three siblings.

“I love having siblings. I feel so blessed to have other siblings to hang with and talk to and relate with, and so I would love to have more,” she shared. “I want my son to have that same experience.”