All LinkedIn job interviews to be conducted digitally due to coronavirus outbreak

The abrupt move of millions of people to working remotely has sparked an unprecedented volume of attacks to trick people into giving up credentials to attackers, according to security researchers

As companies and businesses work to keep themselves, their employees, and the public healthy in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, LinkedIn has decided to conduct all its job interviews with candidates exclusively online.

As the coronavirus threat spreads across the world, some companies have been encouraging their employees to work from home for their health and safety while others have even begun to delay conducting interviews entirely until the outbreak risk subdues.

LinkedIn is the most recent company to announce that all interviews will take place purely online, an arrangement that could worry some less tech-savvy candidates. In any case, whether an applicant decides to delay their interview until a later date when it can be done in person or opts to do it online, the company states their candidacy will not be affected.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon have all made similar decisions this week.

This decision demonstrates the latest way in which the coronavirus outbreak is affecting companies and businesses worldwide. Though such changes introduce major professional inconveniences in most cases, they also could inspire a push towards a more digitalized world.