Lionel Messi gets gun pointed at his face

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By Brooks Peck (reposted from Yahoo! US sports blog, Dirty Tackle)

Messi gets the fright of his life (@barcastuff via @JuventinoMD).

As a new father and someone who very much enjoys life, Lionel Messi probably didn't appreciate the part of his arrival at a Saudi airport on Monday that involved gun barrels in his face. (But that's just a guess. I wouldn't want to speak for him.)

Argentina traveled to Saudi Arabia for Wednesday's friendly and the team's televised reception at the airport at first appeared to be a rather typical welcoming of a team that includes Leo Messi. But while his teammates made their way through the crowded terminal with relatively little trouble, Messi himself instantly had an armed entourage.

Near the end of the clip below (around 3:05), Messi's armed guards come up against a crush of people trying to get near him, which pushed one guard's assault rifle right up against Messi's shoulder. It's moments like this when Leo just has to detach from reality and go to Legoland in his mind.

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