Little boy’s eerie reincarnation story freaks out mom in viral TikTok: ‘This is scary’

A mom captured her little boy’s unusual story about being reincarnated, and now the spooky footage is going viral.

TikToker Anna Banana (@ana_mana_pia) gained over 2.2 million views and nearly 8,000 comments when she shared her son’s eerie reincarnation story.

Now, just like the mom who believes her nursery camera captured a spirit in her baby’s crib, Anna’s mysterious footage is giving people goosebumps all across TikTok.

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In the video, Anna explains with onscreen text, “My son talked for 10 [minutes] about how he got hit by a car when he was a baby before he was my baby.”

When the footage begins, viewers come into the little boy’s story midway, as it seems Anna grabbed the camera and started recording as soon as she could.

“You were a baby again?” Anna asks her son in the backseat.

“Mm-hmm. And I did that again,” her little boy replies.

“So you got ran over in a past life?”


The freaked-out mom makes a face at the camera, clearly unsettled by her son’s story.

The video then cuts to Anna later that day, standing in her kitchen, still thinking about her son’s eerie words.

“I’m still not OK,” the video reads.

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‘100% believe this…’

Thousands of TikTokers flocked to Anna’s comment section to share their own kids’ spooky reincarnation stories.

“My 4-year-old does this! He says ‘when I was the other baby’ or ‘when I was a grown-up,'” one user shared.

“My son is 30 now. When he was very little, he said he knew his grandfather and had very specific details. His grandfather died 35 years before his birth,” another parent wrote.

“My 8-year-old tells me all the time that I’m not her real mom and she had other parents,” one mom commented.

“My son told me he remembered me from Heaven. He was four. He also tells me he has a sister and brother in Heaven. I’ve had two miscarriages,” shared one user.

“100% believe this. My son has repeatedly told me he ‘chose me as his mom before coming through the light tunnel,'” another parent wrote.

“My niece told us she had two daughters and she said their names and how much she misses them. She was only four at the time,” commented one user.

“When my son was small he used to tell me his name isn’t Travis and to respect him cause he’s an old man,” laughed another parent.

Whether or not reincarnation is to be believed, one thing is certain: Children truly do say the darnedest things!

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