Little Progress In The Search For Malaysian Airline Flight 370

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, three days ago, remains “a mystery” said Malaysia’s civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, adding that family members of those on the plane should prepare for the worst, reported the BBC on Monday.

The Boeing 777 disappeared on Saturday with 239 people, including crew members, aboard. The flight was headed to Beijing.

According to the report, the latest clue to the planes whereabouts, which was the sighting of a yellow life raft about 80 kilometers southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu Island, was found to be an unrelated object.

On Sunday, there were also reports of debris floating in the sea along with a possible oil slick. However, the reports of debris have not been confirmed.

According to Rahman, oil was collected and sent to a laboratory to ascertain whether or not it came from a plane.

Rahman added that the possibility that the plane was hijacked is still being investigated as authorities are still looking into two passengers who boarded the plane using fake passports.

All of the relevant information concerning those two passengers has been passed on to the various national intelligence agencies which were investigating the matter, said Malaysia’s acting transport minister, Hishamuddin Hussein.

Further, the plane’s flight recorders are expected to be floating in the ocean, said Commander William Marks from the US Seventh Fleet, which is also taking part in the search.

“In calm seas, if there were a soccer ball [football] or a basketball floating in the water, the radar could pick it up. They [flight recorders] typically have a radio beacon and so for example our P3 [radar] – if they are flying within a certain range of that – will pick up that radio beacon. We have not yet picked up anything, but that’s typically what those black boxes contain.”

There are now 40 ships and 34 aircraft from nine different nations taking part in the search in the seas off Vietnam and Malaysia.

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