Biden asks Americans to recommit to democracy in speech in Normandy

Atop the cliff that US Army Rangers scaled 80 years ago on D-Day, President Joe Biden on Friday compared the threats posed by Nazi Germany to those facing the world today by dictators and authoritarianism, and urged Americans to resist isolationism.

Biden's speech in Normandy, his second in as many days, aimed at strengthening support for Ukraine, which is locked in a war with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. Biden said the Army Rangers who fought that day would want Americans to defend freedom.

"Does anyone doubt that they would America to stand up against Putin's aggression here in Europe today?" he asked.

Biden never mentioned his Republican rival in the Nov. 5 presidential election, Donald Trump, but his speech criticized the former president's isolationist inclinations.

"The most natural instinct is to walk away to be selfish, to force our will upon others. To seize power, to never give up," Biden said, in an apparent dig at Trump.

Biden urged Americans to remember the Rangers whose dramatic heroism on D-Day helped make the invasion a success.


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