Lizzo downs neat tequila while hilariously derailing Jack Whitehall's presenting at the Brit Awards

George Fenwick

Lizzo won the crowd over at the Brit Awards, hijacking Jack Whitehall’s presenting and downing an entire glass of neat tequila in front of the crowd.

After Whitehall had been chatting to Harry Styles before an ad break, he went to sample his drink - only to discover it was neat tequila.

"Harold, always a pleasure, 'What is this, apple juice?'" he said, before taking a glug. “Oh god that’s tequila, that is literally neat tequila, he has gone off the rails.”

As Styles broke down laughing, Whitehall passed the drink to Lizzo - who proceeded to down the entire glass.

The crowd cheered for the singer, as Whitehall, almost in hysterics, tried to get the show back on track.

“It’s time for another break, I don’t know what’s happening after it, maybe Stormzy - yeah it’s Stormzy," he said.

Fans were living for the chaotic moment on Twitter, with one user praising it as the “best moment” of the Brits.

Whitehall took to Twitter after the ceremony, pitching a "new show" where he, Lizzo and Styles travel "round the world in a campervan":

Lizzo had given an epic performance earlier in the night that saw her descend god-like onto the stage, with a backdrop of storm and rain adding to the dramatic proceedings.

She performed a medley of her songs Truth Hurts, Good as Hell and Juice, heading into the crowd and inviting her fans to sing along.

She recently invited Styles on stage in Miami to sing Juice with her, which Styles had previously covered in a Radio 1 live lounge performance.

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