Local actors say they'll tip food delivery riders after trying it out for themselves

Richie Koh, Cavin Soh, He Yingying and Jernelle Oh share what they learnt about delivery riders in the gig economy

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The cast of Cash on Delivery. From left: Richie Koh, He Yingying, Jernelle Oh and Cavin Soh standing together
The cast of Cash on Delivery. From left: Richie Koh, He Yingying, Jernelle Oh and Cavin Soh. (Photo: Instagram/the_celebrityagency)

When it comes to food delivery in Singapore, most of us are just trying to get the best deal possible - free delivery.

Tipping? Nah, not a chance; unless your food delivery rider really went the extra mile.

However, a recent interview with the cast of the new Mediacorp drama Cash on Delivery might give you a different perspective.

On the latest episode of Mediacorp’s Just Swipe Lah, the cast - comprising Richie Koh, Cavin Soh, He Yingying and Jernelle Oh - said they’ll tip their food delivery riders after understanding how difficult the job is.

Koh, Soh and Oh play food delivery riders on the drama, while He plays an air stewardess-turned-Safe Distance Ambassador who eventually becomes a hawker.

Soh said he usually tips and “it’s a matter of how much to give”, while both He and Oh said they tip, especially if it’s raining.

Aside from playing food delivery riders, the cast themselves also delivered food to a nursing home. Their experiences seemed to have given them more insights into the physical challenges of the job.

Inspired by real-life delivery rider

For Oh specifically, her role is inspired by a real-life female food delivery rider who suffers from cerebral palsy.

The 29-year-old said, “We’ve met the actual person. She’s called Roszana… When I met her previously, she told me her wheelchair had some issues. I think a car knocked into her before so her wheelchair was a little damaged. But she insists on going to work.

“Now, though, her wheelchair is completely spoilt and she’s been fundraising for a new wheelchair.”

Soh, 52, added, “I used to think that food delivery riders just need to cycle [from the pickup location to my place] and I need to pay him $8? It’s too expensive.

“But when we really tried delivering food, [we realised] it’s really not easy. To deliver one order, they might need to cycle for half an hour… As a food delivery rider, you have to endure the scorching sun and you might be dehydrated.

“And the water that you drink might even be warm because it’s been out in the sun.”

Fellow actor He also pointed out that “it’s dangerous on the roads”, which Soh agreed with.

“[There are] many cars on the road but he still needs to deliver the food to you and earn that few dollars,” he said.

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