Locals Flee as Building Collapses Into Street After Turkish Quake

A powerful earthquake left over 1,300 people dead in Turkey and Syria on February 6, according to officials in both countries.

This footage sent to Storyful by Ahmet Aslan shows people in Sanliurfa running as a building collapses.

Turkey’s disaster management agency, AFAD, said over 1,000 people were confirmed dead. Around 2,470 people had been rescued, according to latest updates, and 2,818 buildings were reported to have collapsed. At least 326 people were reported dead in Syria, and over 1,000 injured.

AFAD said the quake struck the Pazarcik district of the Kahramanmaras region at 4:17 am at a depth of seven kilometers.

The quake was measured at 7.8 magnitude by the US Geological Survey. An aftershock of 7.5 magnitude was also recorded, the agency said. Credit: Ahmet Aslan via Storyful