'Logan' Honest Trailer Features Ryan Reynolds's Wolverine-Loving Deadpool

Logan, swan song for Hugh Jackman as clawed Marvel mutant hero Wolverine, was far from a lighthearted affair. Its grim tone was only further enhanced by its recent re-release in black-and-white, dubbed Logan Noir. Such a downbeat — and effective — approach to superhero storytelling drove the guys at Honest Trailers from Screen Junkies to call for some A-List help when trying to skewer James Mangold’s March hit in their new episode, the 200th overall. And that’s where Wolverine superfan Deadpool (aka Ryan Reynolds) comes in.

After describing the film’s setting as a dystopian future world in which “the X-Men have been screwed out of their comic-book royalties,” and making the case that Wolverine’s greatest adversaries in his latest go-round are “bloody coughing fits,” “bad eye sight,” and “claw pus,” they soon find themselves overwhelmed by the film’s sheer emotional power. Surely, Reynolds’s snarky Deadpool can save the day! Alas, not really: the Merc with a Mouth has only not-very-mean things to say about his R-rated Fox superhero counterpart.

All is not lost, however — the Honest Trailer displays a strong finishing kick with a nice montage of the movie’s defining characteristic – YELLING! Check out the Logan Honest Trailer above, and see the film (in its original and noir forms) on Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD today.

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