Londoners try 'store cupboard classics' ice cream

STORY: Ketchup and mayo-flavored ice creams, anyone?

Londoners basking under the hottest ever summer are getting the chance

to sample a range of rather unusual ice cream flavors

(Hannah Wearne, Retail associate)

“So this is The Ice Cream Project created by Anya Hindmarsh, so this is all about elevating the everyday flavours. So we’ve taken British store cupboard classics and turned them into ice creams, so we have flavours like Heinz Baked Beans, mayo, ketchup, we also have Quaker Rolled Oats, PG Tips, all of the fun things that you usually get in your store cupboard.”

The Ice Cream Project runs until August 28

(Adrienne Konviser, Customer)

“We came early this morning, we’ve been so excited the whole day and we had to come and try all these amazing flavours. I'm so impressed, it's such fun and it's great for the kids and yeah, we were excited, weren’t we?”

(Izzy Konviser, Customer)

"Yeah, there's lots of weird flavors."

(Saaliha Ledgister, Customer)

“I tried mayonnaise and ketchup so far. The mayonnaise wasn’t good. The ketchup is a bit better but they’re not as sweet as I would like because I’ve got quite a sweet tooth.“