New Lonely Planet guide highlights world's coolest neighborhoods

Tokyo, Japan

Armchair travelers take note: a new guidebook from Lonely Planet spotlights the coolest ‘secret' neighborhoods in cities around the world.

Experts at the travel guide eschewed the well-trodden paths in their latest book "Secret City from Lonely Planet: The insider's guide to the world's coolest neighbourhood" and sniffed out hidden, little-known enclaves in 50 cities around the world.

With many parts of the world on lockdown due to COVID-19, the only kind of travel possible right now is the virtual and wishful thinking kind.

In the meantime, "Secret City" offers readers new insight into cities they may think they already know.

For instance, travelers and locals alike may want to consider expanding their usual itineraries and hit up Wapping and Rotherhithe in London and explore Staten Island's North Shore in New York City.

For each neighborhood, experts provide recommendations on the best places for eating, drinking and shopping.

Here are some of the cities and neighborhoods profiled:

Africa & the Middle East: Woodstock, Cape Town, Kasbah & Mellah, Marrakesh;  Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Asia: Dadar, Mumbai, Siam, Bangkok, Changi Village, Singapore, Tai Po, Hong Kong, Tomigaya, Tokyo
Europe: Madragoa, Lisbon, Rathmines, Dublin, El Raval, Barcelona, Noord, Amsterdam, Vesterbro, Copenhagen: IX District, Copenhagen, Bethnal Green, London, Highgate, London
North America: Hawthorne, Portland, Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Ballard, Seattle, French Quarter, New Orleans, Bridgeport, Chicago
Oceania: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Surry Hills, Sydney, Thorndon, Wellington, Ponsonby, Auckland
South America & the Caribbean: Miraflores, Lima, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

"Secret City from Lonely Planet: The insider's guide to the world's coolest neighbourhood" is out April 20,  in the UK and May 19 in the US.