At Long Last, ‘Under the Bridge’ Is About to Deliver Justice

under the bridge, cam and rebecca
‘Under the Bridge’ Is About to Deliver JusticeDarko Sikman

Well, it looks like Under the Bridge is finally delivering on its promise to find justice for Reena Virk—a young girl who was murdered by her peers. In last week’s episode, the teens involved in Reena’s disappearance thought they’d get away with their crimes. This week, the jig is up. Episode 6, titled “In Water, They Sink the Same,” brings an end to their lies.

We begin with—you guessed it!—a flashback. It’s 1982, and a young Rebecca Godfrey is making cookies. Her brother, Gabe, comes home with Cam Bentland. No one says this outright, but there’s clearly a love triangle in the works. Cam is with Gabe, but she keeps glancing at Rebecca. It’s the night of the school dance. Gabe considers skipping it—a group of kids are picking on him—but Cam insists they go. While Rebecca helps her get ready, Gabe tries to butt in, and Rebecca lashes out. “Cam doesn’t even like you!” she hisses. One thing leads to another, and Gabe sneaks out of the house and falls to his death. Remember this: It’ll be important later.

Cut to the present day. The local police are looking for Warren Glowatski–one of the key suspects in Reena’s murder. Cam and her brother investigate an Indigenous housing center where Warren’s grandmother lived. He’s not there because he’s with Rebecca. That morning, she wakes up next to Warren after voluntarily taking acid to avoid a beat-down by a group of wannabe Crips. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Rebecca drives home and invites Warren to come with her.

Later that afternoon, she meets up with Cam. “I got something on Kelly Ellard,” Rebecca says, thinking back to Warren’s drug-induced confession. “She was the one who attacked Reena the second time, and I have a witness who saw everything.” Who? Warren Glowatski. “Kelly and her friends called us yesterday,” Cam responds. “They’re saying he did it.” Uh-oh. Cam explains that the police have a warrant out for his arrest, but they haven’t been able to find him. Rebecca decides to keep Warren’s current whereabouts a secret.

under the bridge
Riley Keough as Rebecca Godfrey. Darko Sikman

Elsewhere in town, Kelly, Josephine, and Dusty make a grocery run to stock up for their so-called trip to Vegas. The girls run into Reena’s mother, and Kelly apologizes—if you can even call it that. “I wish I was there to help her,” she says. Suman doesn’t buy it. By the time she makes it home, she’s certain that Kelly killed Reena. “As soon as she said it, I knew,” Suman tells her husband.

That evening, the teens of Saanich prepare for their school dance. Kelly, Josephine, and Dusty take pictures together before the event—although Kelly and Josephine have plans of their own. At the grocery store, Kelly spotted rat poisoning, which she sneaks into a drink for the road. She and Josephine plan to poison Dusty, who, in the wake of Reena’s murder investigation, has been consumed with grief. Reena died because of a fight she started with Josephine. It was a fight that Dusty knew could get out of hand, but instead of helping, she remained silent. “Did you really stand on her head?” Dusty asks Kelly as they head to their local train station. “I just can’t stop picturing it over and over. I just want it to stop. I’d do anything…I don’t even want to be here anymore.” Dusty throws up—the poison didn’t work, but now Josephine has a new plan.

When they make it to the station, she and Kelly persuade Dusty to stand on the tracks. “All your problems go away when you die,” says Josephine. “We’ll even send money to your family,” Kelly adds. Dusty stumbles in front of a train, but Josephine pulls her away right before she’s hit. Kelly’s pissed. But hey, at least everyone’s not a cold-blooded killer.

under the bridge
Javon Walton as Warren Glowatski.Darko Sikman

Speaking of killers, Warren’s girlfriend, Samara, accidentally tells the cops a key detail about Reena’s death. When they question her at the dance, she says, “They dragged her into the water,” recalling Warren’s recollection of events. Shit. They. The cops had a feeling Kelly was guilty—they found demented drawings of Reena in her locker—but Samara’s slip-up means she didn’t work alone. Warren was there, too. They did it together.

Moments later, Warren shows up to the dance. He kisses his girlfriend and tells her not to worry before being handcuffed and thrown into the back of a cop cruiser. Rebecca shows up and scolds Cam for arresting him. “You didn’t want justice!” Cam yells. “You wanted material.” Ouch. In this case, both accusations are true. Rebecca is working on a story about Reena and has become far too involved in the investigation (why else would she take acid with teenagers?!?), but she wants justice as well. Her focus is on Warren, who she believes will be wrongfully punished in Reena’s trial.

Let’s talk about Gabe again. Though Rebecca’s brother and Warren never met, she sees a parallel between their stories. Gabe was found dead in the water, like Reena. Gabe also happens to be around the same age as Warren—and Warren reminds Rebecca of herself. They’re both misunderstood, and they’ve both made mistakes. It’s a bit of a stretch (Rebecca never assaulted anyone), but then again, grief is rarely reasonable.

The episode ends with Warren, Kelly, Josephine, and Dusty going to the police station. They’ve all been charged with Reena’s death. Now it’s time to start talking.

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