'Look At The Evidence': Karl Rove Drops Bad News For Trump Live On Fox News

Longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove delivered some bad news to Donald Trump and his supporters over the weekend.

“Take a look at the evidence,” he said on Fox News on Saturday when asked if polls have shifted since the former president’s conviction last month on 34 charges in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

He said polls show Trump losing ground to President Joe Biden since the conviction. As a result, Trump’s modest lead over Biden has been shrinking on RealClearPolitics and other poll aggregators, and Rove predicted that Trump’s lead may be about to vanish altogether.

“We’re likely to see that lead dissipate because the most recent polls have had Biden ahead,” Rove said in comments posted on Mediaite, using his white board to show poll results since the conviction.

Much of that shift is from a core group of voters who may ultimately decide the election.

“The movement is among independents,” said Rove, who helped lead George W. Bush’s two presidential campaigns. “And they have moved, in recent polls, roughly 9 points towards Biden.”

Rove noted that polls of independents previously found that 21% said they would be less likely to vote for Trump if he were convicted.

Trump and Biden will meet for their first debate since the 2020 election on Thursday night.