'Loose Women's' Charlene White in tears over aunt's funeral while there was party at No 10

Watch: Charlene White in tears over Downing Street party scandal

Loose Women’s Charlene White broke down in tears as she talked about sitting alone at her aunt’s funeral while Boris Johnson was at a No 10 party.

The TV star spoke out as the ITV show’s panellists talked about how the prime minister has apologised for attending a party in the Downing Street garden during the first coronavirus lockdown.

“We had to bury family members without being able to hug each other,” she said.

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Staring to cry, White went on: “I had to sit in a crematorium while my aunt was buried, because I wasn't living in the same household as my brother and sister and my dad, in a pew by myself with my baby daughter on my lap as we were all in floods of tears and we can’t hug each other.

Charlene White was in tears during a discussion on <em>Loose Women.</em> (ITV)
Charlene White was in tears during a discussion on Loose Women. (ITV)

"I stood by the graveside as gravediggers were filling that grave and watching my cousin in floods of tears and not being able to hug her because we were following the rules. Because we didn't know what else to do."

The 41-year-old mum-of-two said that she and her family “were following the rules with the understanding that those in charge were doing the same thing”.

Charlene White arriving at the Pride of Britain Awards, 2021 (Matt Crossick/Empics/PA)
Charlene White recalled sitting alone at her aunt's funeral. (Empics/PA)

And she told her fellow Loose Women stars that she was dealing with “delayed grief".

The presenter said she thought there were a lot of people who hadn’t really grieved for their loved ones yet.

<p>Loose Women panellist Charlene White was moved to tears while discussing her aunt's funeral that took place while the Downing Street staff enjoyed a garden party.</p>
Charlene White said she was dealing with delayed grief. (ITV)

“And then you have a situation like this come up and it's like, well, should I have just hugged me cousin?” she asked.

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“If we weren't all following the rules, should I have just hugged her?"

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