Why Lorde apologized to outraged Whitney Houston fans over 'extremely poorly chosen' bathtub pic

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Who knew that taking a bath could get someone into so much hot water?

This is Lorde’s current plight. The New Zealander singer, 21, has been on tour (fittingly, the “Melodrama World Tour”) and took a random photo of a random moment of her day and now — bam! — it’s a controversy. Of course, there are a few other parts of the story: Her random photo was of a bathtub and the caption was “And iiii will always love you.”

Whitney Houston fans felt like the post was an attack against their queen, who slayed that song, a Dolly Parton original, in The Bodyguard, but went on to the most tragic of deaths after drowning accidentally, in a drug haze, in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton in 2012. (In the world’s worst coincidence, her only daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, died in a tub three years later.) Fans expressed their anger at Lorde on social media over the diss, some of them using the #LordeIsOverParty, which seems extreme for a mistake that also seems inadvertent.

Nevertheless, Lorde found herself deleting the photo and apologizing to Whitney’s still-strong army after #LordeIsOverParty started to trend. She actually apologized more than once and called herself an “idiot.” But she also made clear the point of her post in the first place wasn’t to rile up Nippy’s fans. The girl was just excited about taking a bath.

(Image: Lorde via Instagram)

And if this photo is any indication, she’s been working it onstage. It’s not every day that a singer’s shoes fly off during a show.

Luckily, Lorde — who has since posted photos with the comments off because they’ve been so awful — has her own group of supporters who have her back. They took back the #LordeIsOverParty tag by posting positive Lorde comments.

Despite the fan support, Lorde seemed shook by the drama, later posting that her whole day had gone to hell in a handbasket over her bath.

Image: Lorde via Instagram

But let’s be real here. Lorde is used to dramz. Earlier this year there was a squabble over her not being asked to perform at the Grammys. And maybe it’s much ado about nothing, but she’s been linked, on and off, to Jack Antonoff, ex of her friend Lena Dunham. (He performed with her on a tour stop recently.) And basically everything she says about pal Taylor Swift is critiqued. So she can handle the bathtub.

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