Loro Piana Men’s Spring 2024

Not that it needed any more elevation, but for spring 2024 Loro Piana pushed the envelope in fabric research even further and perfected its fashion proposition, delivering a charming collection that looked at its affinities with Japan.

Despite the geographical distance, they share a dedication to craftsmanship, respect for nature and a non-ostentatious approach to beauty — a trifecta that converged in a focused lineup filled with those pieces that the Italian brand does best: wearable items that look simple to the eye and feel uber luxurious to the touch.

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Cue an essential leather skirt that was bonded with lambskin suede for a supple feel. Tailoring was also pure but delivered with a soft hand, both when offered on elongated silhouettes or shrunken into new mini proportions, while the brand’s signature and covetable knitwear swung from the rustic to the demure.

Yet the Japanese reference enabled the Loro Piana team to explore its more decorative side. Quilted silk coats had floral motifs; kimono-style jackets were rendered in satin for an eveningwear proposition; men’s suiting nodded to the tatami fabric via wool stitching techniques, and the art of origami seemed to inform knits combining two different types of raw cashmere into a three-dimensional effect.

Jacquard silk skirts covered in cherry blossom motifs made for the most eccentric and feminine items, yet couldn’t compare to those understated pieces and their elegant neutral shades that are at the core of the brand’s identity.

The color palette ranged from shades of blue through denim looks, including terrific collarless denim jackets. To this end, Loro Piana introduced its new Denim Silk fabric, in a venture mirroring its famous CashDenim development — only this time it replaced its most famous fabric with silk in weft, before combining it with indigo cotton.

There were plenty of other new items, too, including the brand’s new jewelry, the launch of lingerie in a long linen lace-trimmed slip that would look equally chic under a jacket for a night out, and its growing handbag offering ranging from linen-coated to natural and pebble leather.

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Launch Gallery: Loro Piana Men’s Spring 2024

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