"Lost in Thailand" lost to "Lost in Journey"

"Lost in Thailand" lost to "Lost in Journey"

27 Sep – Chinese film studio, Wuhan Huaqi Movies & TV Production, has recently won a case against another studio, Beijing Enlight Media, over their parasite marketing case.

As reported on Filmbiz Asia, previously in March, Huaqi filed a lawsuit against four companies involved in the comedy road movie "Lost in Thailand" for copyright infringement.

The company alleged that Enlight Media has used unfair competition practises by using the title "Lost in Thailand" to give the impression that it is connected to their own earlier movie, "Lost in Journey".

The misunderstanding was further strengthened by the fact that two of the stars in "Lost in Journey", Xu Zheng and Wang Baoqiang also starred in "Lost in Thailand".

Therefore, Huaqi demanded the companies to pay compensation of over RMB 100 million (approximately USD 16.3 million) in damages, as well as releasing a public apology.

Beijing High People's Court has recently issued a judgement, and ordered Enlight to cease all unfair practises. They were also asked to pay Huaqi RMB 85 million (approximately USD 815,000) in damages.

In response to the judgement, Enlight Media claimed that the court's decision is unreasonable and that they will be making an appeal at the Supreme People's Court.

In related news, Xu Zheng recently revealed that he is in preparation to film the follow-up to the 2012 biggest hit Chinese movie, which will be set in Hong Kong.