Lots of new cars were unveiled in Munich this week. Here's what you might've missed

The 2021 Munich Auto Show is happening this week and due to ongoing corporate travel restrictions, we remained firmly planted on this continent. So, although we can't tell you exactly what it's like inside the futuristic new Mercedes EQE electric sedan or fully appreciate the funky Volkswagen ID.Life concept, there's no shortage of details and analysis to provide.

Obviously, as Germany's premier auto show in 2021, the cars unveiled were primarily from the German brands. We also focused mostly on the cars that might actually make their way to the United States, or at least inspire those that will.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE is an electric alternative to the E-Class

While the EQS paved the way for Mercedes' electrified future, much like the S-Class before it, the EQE stands to be the car that will move in far greater numbers -- much like the E-Class before it.

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Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept shows SUV future of the flagship brand

Opulence will still have a place in an electrified future, as Maybach gets into the EQ game with a grand electric SUV.

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Volkswagen ID.Life concept previews the city car's high-riding EV future

Well, isn't this adorable? Though perhaps a tad derivative of the Honda E, Volkswagen's blocky little crossover EV nevertheless represents a handsome new direction for VW design. We like this better than the rounded looks of the current ID.3 and ID.4.

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BMW i Vision Circular is a 100% recycled and recyclable hatch

Behold, the next BMW 3 Series! Just kidding. Besides this, BMW displayed cars in person for the first time that it had previously only unveiled on the interwebs, including the new 2 Series and revised iX3. It also unveiled some bikes.

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Audi's GrandSphere concept was designed as a road-going private jet

Does Audi know what a sphere is? Cause this isn't anything like one. Still, it's quite a handsome thing, and as one of three Sphere-branded concepts, previews the next direction of Audi design (which is pleasantly reminiscent of two-decade-old Mazda design). No complaints here.

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Porsche Mission R is a 1,000-horsepower electric monster

Just like the Mission E previewed the Taycan, this apparently previews another future car. Looks like a fast one.

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Cupra UrbanReel Concept revealed as an urban(?) race EV

Here's something for the forbidden fruit file. Cupra is the high-performance division of Seat, which is the Spanish wing of the Volkswagen Group. The UrbanReel Concept is an electrified race car with a flamboyant paint job and an equally flamboyant wing.

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Smart Concept #1 shows the brand's premium electric crossover future

Yes, Smart is apparently still a thing.

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Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance is a V8 plug-in hybrid good for 831 horsepower

The name is absurd, but it sure is pretty, and the output insane. How does 1,033 pound-feet of torque sound?

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