Louisa So: I'll get married if the rating hits 40!

Louisa So: I'll get married if the rating hits 40!

23 Aug – Overjoyed with the success of her latest series' viewership ratings, Louisa So recently said that she will get married if it hits 40 points.

According to Singtao News, the actress recently attended the cast and crew party in TVB City alongside Wayne Lai, Tony Hung and Natalie Tung, to celebrate the success of "Rear Mirror" that has accumulated 31 rating points.

Tony Hung also attended the event in an Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay costume, after promising to do so if the series' ratings are good.

"Once I received the news, I was so happy that I blurted it out," said Louisa. "I hope that the numbers will continue to rise, to the extent that it can make me scream out loud."

Asked what promise she shall make if the ratings increase, Louisa surprised many by saying, "If it breaks 40 points, I will get married immediately."

The actress also admitted that her boyfriend had already proposed to her many times, but said that she will only reveal her answer to the public if the series break 40 points.

Louisa So and boyfriend Poon Chan Leung have been in a serious relationship for 19 years.