Louisville star Jordan Nwora received death threat on social media over $15 bet

Shortly after their overtime loss to Kentucky last month, Louisville forward Jordan Nwora received a death threat on social media. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Louisville forward Jordan Nwora initially just laughed it off. 

It was just a direct message from a fan on social media, after all.

Cardinals coach Chris Mack, however, is taking it very seriously.

Mack said on Friday that authorities are investigating a death threat that Nwora received on social media shortly after Louisville’s 78-70 overtime loss to No. 14 Kentucky in December. Nwora finished with just eight points and four rebounds in the rivalry matchup, which marked No. 13 Louisville’s second loss of the season at the time. 

“It is [being investigated] and I don’t know any more than that.” Mack said, via the Louisville Courier Journal. “It wasn’t one of those cursory deals where we just overlooked it. The proper people and the authorities here at Louisville are doing what they’re supposed to do and following up.” 

It’s not clear, however, as to who is actually investigating the threat.

Per the Courier Journal, neither the University of Louisville Police nor the Louisville Metro Police Department are investigating the incident. A spokesman for the program told the Courier Journal that he wasn’t sure who Mack actually reported it to.

Nwora, who has averaged 20.9 points and 7.7 rebounds per game so far this season, said the threat had to do with a bet the fan had lost.

“I had somebody message me and say they wanted to kill me over a $15 bet,” Nwora said this week. “It’s a $15 bet. If that’s what you’re worried about, you’ve got more issues.”

Mack, who is in his second season at Louisville, said the threat wasn’t actually all that surprising — something that upset him even more.

“It’s sad to say it doesn’t surprise me anymore,” Mack said. “People are wild on social media. It’s just the way of the world. 

“It’s a little sad — it’s really said — but it doesn’t surprise me in the least anymore. That part’s sad to say.”

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