Love Hulten’s latest synth project has a rainbow puke MIDI visualizer

·1-min read
Love Hulten

Love Hulten is fond of strange synthesizer projects, but his latest might be his most ambitious to date. The artist has unveiled a Doodlestation synth deck whose centerpiece display visualizes MIDI audio as rainbow puke — if you're playing, the poor person on-screen is likely hurling. Don't worry about that novelty fading away, though, as there are some surprisingly practical features.

Most of the space is occupied by a Sequential OB-6 analog synth (with a custom keybed), a Moog DFAM percussion synth and a Hologram Microcosm effects pedal. You'll also find a theremin setup, though, and you can add tape echo through a system that shows the tape bouncing around. Built-in speakers and a handy patch cord drawer also minimize clutter.

Like other Love Hulten projects, the Doodlestation is a one-off design. You aren't about to buy one for your studio. Still, this shows that synth suites don't have to be boring — this is equipment you might be proud to show to your fellow musicians.

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