Love Island's latest twist sees new bombshells making big choices

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island's newest bombshells caused a big stir in tonight's episode, after a surprise sleepover led to a rekindled romance.

Still upset after Joey's kiss with bombshells Grace and Tiffany as part of a dare during a beer pong challenge, Samantha chose to sleep outside on the day beds.

Joey didn't understand why Samantha felt she needed space from him, and tried to convince her it was just a game.

"I just want to back off now because you and her have got something good," Samantha explained.

joey love island outside villa season 11 episode 14

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"You're telling everyone you're not bothered but you're sleeping on the day bed," replied Joey, before returning inside.

It was revealed in Friday's (June 14) show that Grace and Joey had history, as she told some of her castmates that they'd had "a bit of a holiday romance" last year.

The following morning, Grace received a text reading: "Grace, Tiffany and Will, it's time to pack a bag and get ready for a night away with an Islander of your choice. #saucysleepover #whowillyouchoose."

Will was quick to choose Uma, while Tiffany chose Ronnie. After some deliberation, Grace picked her former flame Joey. The chosen Islanders were excited for a getaway, but their partners were less impressed.

"That text was a shock. A bloody night away, sorry, can you give us a chance or what?" said Harriett in frustration.

grace love island season 11 episode 14

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The bombshells and their chosen dates headed off to a second villa, where they spent the day flirting in the sunshine.

After revealing they missed each other, Joey and Grace shared a passionate kiss in the pool, followed by another steamy moment as they dried off, and a third while in bed.

They weren't the only ones making the most of their night away, as Ronnie and Tiffany also shared a smooch away from prying eyes.

With Harriett and Samantha already feeling upset, what will happen when the bombshells and their chosen dates return to the main villa?

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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