Love Triangle: Moon to be in Conjunction With Saturn Tonight, Jupiter Tomorrow

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Months after the “Christmas Star” or the great conjunction when two of the biggest planets of the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn appeared to be closest to each other in December, the Moon will be in conjunction with Saturn tonight at 02.33 GMT and with Jupiter tomorrow.

The word conjunction is derived from a Latin word that means to join together. It is referred to an event when two or more objects come close or appear close to each other in the sky.

During the first conjunction tonight, the Moon and Saturn will align with each other and the Moon will pass three degrees 45 inches to the south of the ringed planet, according to an India Today report.

According to astronomers, while Saturn will appear faint in the night sky, it can be visible through a telescope.

Following tonight’s conjunction, Jupiter will be seen next to the Moon after midnight in the east-northeast sky tomorrow.

The great conjunction last year was a rare opportunity to watch two planets of the solar system come closer than ever right ahead of Christmas 2020. The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Delhi had arranged a viewing of the celestial event for the public based on registrations. The skywatch event started on December 20 and went on till December 22, allowing people to witness the conjunction while adhering to social distancing and other COVID-19 norms. The spectacle was also broadcast online.

The conjunction of planets is also referred to as the Christmas star. Adding a little Biblical theme to the event, some claimed a similar planetary meetup created the legendary Star of Bethlehem that led the biblical Magi, also known as the three wise men, to the Christ Child. The idea was also proposed by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler back in the 17th century.

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