Low Community Awareness, New Variant: Maharashtra's Covid Death Analysis Worry Experts

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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, more than half of SARS-CoV-2 virus-related deaths in Maharashtra have occurred in less than a week of hospitalisation since the beginning of the pandemic, according to reports.

More than 30 per cent of Covid-19 related deaths occurred within three days of admission into hospitals, a TOI report said citing state analysis. Data for 39,688 deaths in the first wave and 60,022 from the second wave were studied by the state. It was found that in the first wave, 31.5 per cent of deaths occurred within the first three days of hospitalisation and 22.4 per cent happened within 4-6 days.

The analysis showed 53.9 per cent of patients died within the six days of admission into hospitals. During the second wave, up to 30.4 per cent of patients succumbed by the third day of hospitalisation while 23.7 per cent of fatalities occured between 3-6 days. In what was described as the ‘current wave,’ almost 54 per cent of deaths occurred within six days of admissions. The longest people have fought for their lives before succumbing is 36-39 days, it said.

The short interval has concerned experts and has pointed that it is likely due to delay in seeking care, overwhelmed healthcare facilities or lack of timely referrals.

The findings of the study also contradict the Centre’s earlier stand on aware citizens having sought early consultations and hospitalisations during the second wave.

Raising alarm over the findings, Dr Avinash Supe, chief of the MMR's death audit committee said, "It also means community awareness about the disease is not what we expected.”

Death of Covid-19 patients within 7 days of onset of symptoms indicate virulence of the new strain, doctors said. "High deaths within 7 days could mean either virulence of the new strain or a delay of up to a week in getting right care," said a senior civic doctor.

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