Low Thia Khiang to step down as Workers’ Party chief

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
  • a
    Low Thia Khiang is the ACTUALLY TRUTH GENTLEMAN set a very good example for HIS TEAMS,
    NEVER OR did not groom his own family members to take over him by playing nepotism,
    SO FAR WHO CAN HOLD A CANDLE WITH HIM hahahahaha?????????
    Unlike the greedy, tyrant, abusive egocentric coOkman is the real Satan hahahahaha.
  • 小Lee飞刀
    LTK the only opposition polictican victory in both smc and grc. Under ruling party hard suppression, Low TK managed to hold on to hougang smc for so many years and make History victory In grc as well, proud of your achievements that voters entrusted all this year.
  • 小Lee飞刀
    LTK made some landmark phrases that will never be forgotten still suitable to use today, never think the chicken drumsticks offer by the govt is free, voters have to return a whole chicken indeed. More co drivers are needed in parliament to ensure our mrt and also SG to move ahead safely without disruption.
  • 小Lee飞刀
    Low TK in power but never build his own dynasty that familee did in PAP.
  • A
    Hope the younger leaders of wp will be even stronger than LTK to take on pap. Otherwise sg will be left with no strong opposition party, sg will really become communist one party only.
  • h
    Goodbye old friend. Thanks for the effort these past few decades. It's been a hard and arduous task which I must say you have done outstandingly well. There were many moments in the past when i have seen you at coffeeshops and food centres and I have always admired your courage and conviction to go on this path in your life. You will always have my respect for trodding this path which no one in his right senses would do. You have achieved much and I wish you many good years ahead to enjoy the next couple of decades with your family and friends.
  • L
    Lets wish him and the young leaders all the best. 70% please remember chicken drumsticks are not FREE ! LoL
  • S
    Self Pity
    Competent leadership is very important in any organisation.
    Soon PAP will lose its popularity due to poor and incompetent leaders at the tops! All because of greed and power!
  • S
    WP has shown the way......kudos to LTK! PAPigs? Pui!
  • A
    Cheers to LTK! That's the mark of a true leader. Step down when it's time to make way for new blood. I love his guts and let's hope his successor will continue to drive the Opposition fearlessly.
    Well done LTK for historical success ! You have shown those 70% that they are blind followers.