LTO QC Office: No Sensitive Data, Document Lost During Break-In

Wilbert Tan

The Quezon City branch of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) was reportedly hit by burglars on Monday, August 27, Francis Almora, the director of the LTO’s Law Enforcement Service confirmed. Almora quickly added that no important documents or items were taken by the yet-unidentified individuals during the incident.

Nevertheless, Almora said that the police is conducting an investigation on three sections of the Law Enforcement Service, including the Data Control Unit, Custodial Unit, and the Investigation Section of the Intelligence and Investigation Division to get to the bottom of things.

“All sensitive documents are secured. Only personal belongings were lost,” Almora said in Filipino during a radio interview.

Employees on holiday duty reported the incident after discovering that the door to the second floor office was forcibly opened, and its contents rummaged.

Although the premises had security personnel, none saw anything out of the ordinary. The burglars were not seen leaving the office with their stolen items, as they reportedly removed an air-conditioning unit and used it as their exit point.

Some of the construction workers working at the building near the LTO office were brought in for questioning, but are not yet being treated as suspects, Almora said.

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