Lucid Air touchscreens and storage bins

Lucid Air touchscreens and storage bins

Video transcript

- So here in the Lucid Air, there are three touchscreen there's one over here, which does all this stuff, and then there's one over here that controls your infotainment system. There's the navigation system. And then down here is general, you know, vehicle controls.

And then if you press this button right here, woo! I tell you, when that happened for the first time, I was not expecting it, and I basically went, ooh. Great big bin here.

There's a bin down here. That's where your phone would go. Close that.

By the way, this is the key. It's just very thin. There's no buttons on it. Thin, light piece.

Close that. And if you want to close that again, you just-- and I just love how it just wipes down. Very cool.