Lululemon Employees 'Embarrassed' Size 8 Customer Because of Her Body

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Jaime Kraig spent the past year and half sweating, squatting, running and dieting to drop an astonishing 70 pounds and 10 dress sizes. Going from an 18 to an 8, Kraig decided to reward herself with a pair of Lululemon leggings, an item of clothing that she only recently worked up the self-esteem to think about buying. However, after she visited her local store she left empty handed and devoid of her newfound confidence.

Before embarking on her shopping trip, Kraig was set on the style — and size — spandex she wanted. Originally she picked up a size 8, but after trying them on she quickly realized she needed a smaller pair and asked a Lululemon worker for a size 6 in the same silhouette.

“The employees began suggesting what would look good for my ‘body type,'” Kraig tells Yahoo Style. “They suggested that that was not flattering for me and gave other styles for stomach control and for minimizing friction between the legs.” However, she admits, “I never even thought my stomach and legs had to be controlled or minimized until that point.”

Jamie Kraig went from a size 18 to a size 8.(Photo by Jamie Kraig)

When Kraig was growing up, Lululemon was what the cool and skinny girls wore in high school. Back then, Kraig didn’t feel like she was worthy enough to even go inside the store. After the embarrassing first time experience, she says she might not ever go back.

“They should be more sensitive when talking to customers,” she says. “They don’t know what each person has gone through. What healthy and fit for one might be, for another person might be unhealthy.” She adds, “To assume that I’m not [healthy] is not OK because I am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life, I am very proud of my progress.”


Jamie Kraig’s before and after photo, she lost a total of 70 pounds.(Photo by Jamie Kraig)

Kraig took to Facebook to share in detail her shopping experience at the athletic store. Her friends and family have showed their support.

When Kraig reached out to Lululemon, they apologized and sent her the leggings she originally wanted but was told were not right for her.

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Regarding Kraig’s experience, a spokesperson for Lululemon tells Yahoo Style that the Canadian retailer welcomes everyone “into our stores with open arms and open hearts” and that they always try to do their best. Additionally, the representative said, “The experience that our guests have is personal and matters — and if ever that experience falls short, we take it to heart, aim to make things right and learn for the future.” On Kraig’s question as to why Lululemon only offers size 2 to 12 being that average size of the American woman is 16, the spokesperson declined to comment.

Kraig advises young girls to seek out the healthy lifestyle that’s right for them. After Kraig was diagnosed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) — a hormonal disorder that can make it difficult to regulate weight, cause irregular periods, and can lead to infertility if not treated — a year and a half ago, she was able to get healthy by visiting a specialist who prescribed medicine and sticking to a specific diet plan. 

“I tried it all before,” says Kraig. “I would work out and eat right but the weight was not coming off. I know now it’s because I wasn’t doing it according to what my body needed — and that’s just [because] every body is different.”

Currently, she’s in school and hopes to become a pharmacist one day and help others. Although, by sharing her story, she’s already doing just that. “We are not cookie-cutter, everyone is different,” she says. She advises others to not be “afraid to seek counsel and ask professionals for help so you can reach the healthiest version of yourself.”

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