Lululemon reveals the first yoga accessories made from mushrooms

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Lululemon has revealed the first yoga accessories made of Mylo, a plant-based material made from renewable mycelium.

Created by scientists from the Californian start-up Bolt Threads, Mylo is slowly but surely making its way into the fashion industry. After the first clothes and sneakers designed from this biodegradable plant material, the first yoga accessories made of Mylo will be created in 2022 with specialized fitness brand lululemon.

The fashion industry may still be struggling to meet its commitments to sustainable development, as revealed in a recent report published Business of Fashion , but some players in the sector seem determined to do their utmost to reduce their impact on the planet. To achieve this, they are committed to innovating with new ethically and environmentally responsible materials. This is the case of Mylo, a material made from mycelium, the vegetative part of the mushroom formed of filaments, and brands are starting to embrace it.

One such brand is lululemon which is introducing the material to the world of sports, and more precisely to the world of yoga gear. The brand has announced the launch of the first yoga accessories made with Mylo, combining design, durability and functionality. The lululemon accessory design team has created a high-end yoga mat, a yoga bag, and a duffle bag, all of which will be available for purchase in early 2022.

"As a premium athletic brand, having innovative and proprietary fabrics and other materials that help guests feel their best to perform their best is something we're proud of. Sustainable innovation will continue to play a key role in the future of retail and product; and for us, leveraging a material like Mylo demonstrates our commitment to creating a healthier environment through lower-impact products, while also giving us the ability to reimagine iconic pieces in our line through a sustainability lens," commented Sun Choe, chief product officer at lululemon.

A founding member of the Mylo consortium, lululemon is now part of a group of global companies working hand in hand to offer new innovative materials that respect the planet. Stella McCartney recently presented its first Mylo garments, followed closely by adidas who unveiled its first "Stan Smith Mylo" which should be available soon.

Christelle Pellissier

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