M2 World Championship: What you need to know about the international teams

Kurt Lozano
·Esports Content Producer
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The upcoming M2 World Championship for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) prominently features the best MLBB teams from the game’s foremost region, Southeast Asia (SEA).

However, it’s not all about SEA, as M2 is a global affair that also includes the best MLBB teams from Japan, Russia, and Brazil. Read on for an introduction to the international contenders for the M2 World Championship:

10S Gaming Frost (Japan)

(Photo: 10S Gaming Frost Facebook)
(Photo: 10S Gaming Frost Facebook)


Obuyan (Support/Mage)

Peco (Fighter)

Koro (Fighter)

Pappa (Fighter/Mage)

Shina (Fighter/Assassin)

Sevnea (Tank)

Southeast Asian MLBB fans, especially those from the Philippines and Malaysia, should be familiar with the representatives for Japan.

En route to a surprising Top 6 finish at the M1 World Championship last year, 10S Gaming stunned Onic PH in the group stage and Axis Esports in the playoffs thanks to drafts and strategies that were wholly unfamiliar to their opponents.

While 10S Gaming ultimately fell to third placer Todak Esports, they left quite the impression with their unorthodox drafts and playstyle.

Even if only team captain Obuyan and multi-role player Pappa remain from their M1 roster, 10S Gaming still retained their relatively unorthodox style — exacerbated by how isolated the Japanese MLBB scene is — and should still be a dangerous opponent.

With that said, 10S Gaming will have their work cut as they are in M2’s ‘Group of Death’ with the ONE Esports MPL Invitational champions Alter Ego Esports as well as MPLI runners-up and MPL PH champions Bren Esports.

Unique Deus Vult (Russia)

(Photo: Deus Vult Esports Facebook)
(Photo: Deus Vult Esports Facebook)


Lil (Tank)

SAWO (Support)

Oneshot (Midlane)

Sunset Lover (Sidelane)

Defender (Sidelane)

WarBarbie (Tank)

Unique Deus Vult (DeVu) will be looking to bounce back from their 13th-16th place finish in the M1 World Championship with a retooled roster for M2.

Newcomers Oneshot, Defender, and WarBarbie comprise a formidable trio to go along with veterans Lil, SAWO, and Sunset Lover.

DeVu have shown a liking for overloading their side lanes and using that to snowball to victory, which can present a lot of problems towards unprepared teams.

They will have a relatively easier time in the group stage, as they share Group A with MPL Myanmar champions Burmese Ghouls and Singaporean team RSG.

While a path towards an upset in favour of DeVu is there, it will be easier said than done.

DreamMax (Brazil)

(Photo: DreamMax Facebook)
(Photo: DreamMax Facebook)


Nix (Midlane)

Homis (Gold lane)

Cabral (XP lane)

Waas (Tank)

Mayke (Tank)

Luiiz (Jungle)

Aura (Jungle)

All the way from the other side of the world, the Brazilian contingent for the M2 World Championship should present a veritable enigma for their SEA opponents.

While the organisation will be a newcomer to the biggest stage in MLBB, the veteran trio of Homis, Waas, and Aura remain from the Geo Esports squad that represented the country in M1.

As one could probably guess from their roster composition, DreamMax like to maximise the resources they can get out of the map as much as possible by having two dedicated cores hunt for gold and XP and two de-facto supports rotating in and out of the jungle.

An unprepared team that lets them freely execute their game plan will be in for a rough time. With that said, DreamMax can also get caught unaware by the up-tempo style that is prevalent among SEA teams.

DreamMax will begin their M2 campaign against M1 runners-up RRQ Hoshi and Singaporean squad EVOS SG in Group D.

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