What is MaaS and why will it be part of urban dwellers' everyday future?

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MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is a concept that regroups multiple urban mobility services into a single point. Google Maps and Citymapper are examples of apps that already encompass several service offers (public transportation, Uber...) and are among the first international examples of MaaS, but local projects are also increasingly investing in that field, with the most recent example being the Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration (RATP) buying out mapping service Mappy. 

MaaS generally takes the form of a platform that allows users to get informed about various means of transportation on certain routes, as well as plan an itinerary, and then book and pay online for the different services used all in a one-stop shop.

Urban mobility stakeholders (public transport systems, carpool, bike share and electric scooter services, etc) around the world are looking to take part in this type of project. Many local projects have already launched, such as the one in Helsinki, Finland, a MaaS pioneer where users can take a bus, a taxi or share a bike from a single application.

The fact that RATP bought mapping site Mappy means that the Paris transport system application will soon integrate more detailed maps of the Paris region, as well as complementary means of transportation (bike share, taxis and so on) to complement its subway, bus and train offers.