Madhya Pradesh Couple Fights Off Leopard, Rescues Granddaughter From Big Cat's Jaws

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Bhopal, August 21: A two-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh was rescued from the jaws of a leopard thanks to her grandparents. The elderly couple fought off the leopard and literally snatched their granddaughter from its jaws. The incident took place in a village close to Kuno National Park on Thursday night. According to a report, 50-year-old Basanti Bai Gurjar and her husband 55-year-old Jai Singh Gurjar were sleeping on the floor in the backyard of their house. Madhya Pradesh: Leopard Strays Into Residential Area in Indore; 4 Injured.

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The couple's granddaughter Bobby was also sleeping beside Basanti Bai. Around midnight, the leopard sneaked into the backyard of their house and was dragging Bobby by her right foot, the report said. Basanti Rai woke up to the wails of Bobby and was stunned to see the big car dragging her granddaughter away. She kicked the leopard and started screaming for help. Madhya Pradesh: 45-Year-Old Woman Killed in Leopard Attack in Seoni.

Meanwhile, Jai Singh awakened to Basanti Rai and Bobby's screams and the leopard's growling and he too started kicking the big cat in order to save the child. The couple was kicking the leopard in the nose and eyes while trying to pull Bobby out from its jaws. As they kept hitting the animal, it left Bobby and attacked the couple, the report added.

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The elderly couple kept fighting the leopard till the neighbours arrived with sticks in their hands. The leopard inflicted injuries to their legs before fleeing in the forest. Both Basanti Rai and Jai Singh and their granddaughter are out of danger. "We have lived here for a long time, and this is the first time a leopard attacked us," they said. Following the incident, the forest authorities have tightened up the security in the area.

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