Maggie Cheung dumped for younger girl

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Maggie Cheung dumped for younger girl

12 Sep – Maggie and her 39-year-old boyfriend Ole Scheeren had been dating for almost four years and there were even rumours of the pair getting married soon, however it is now reported by Xin MSN that her boyfriend had left her for a younger woman.

This comes a few days after the Hong Kong media photographed veteran actress Maggie Cheung, who had secretly returned to Hong Kong, in a loose shirt. They described her as having "a tree root-neck, bony fingers [and] looked pitiful".

Maggie previously said that everything was going according to plan (in hinting marriage) and had complimented her boyfriend for being "handsome, talented and caring".

However, after Ole was spotted seeing a 30-year-old Chinese fashion designer, rumours of a possible split between Maggie and Ole began to surface.

Now it is reported that Ole was dating a young female colleague, which caused the couple to quarrel. In a recent interview, Maggie stated that she had "no plans for marriage", as if hinting that the couple had already broken up.

Meanwhile, Ole was said to have left the actress for his new girlfriend, while Maggie was rumoured to have moved out from their love nest in Beijing and returned to Hong Kong.

No stranger to relationship woes, over the years Maggie had experienced eight failed relationships and also a broken marriage with French director Olivier Assayas in 2001.