Magician's Secrets Revealed as He 'Saws' Assistant in Half

A Chinese magician failed to wow his crowd when the secret behind his magic trick, which involved sawing his assistant in two, was unceremoniously exposed.

Footage shows the magician, who goes by the name Embarrassing Man, performing the saw illusion on his assistant, when a fellow magician by the name of Pokerface Man enters the performance area to expose his associate as a fraud.

Pokerface Man wastes no time revealing that one side of the magician’s table is totally empty apart from a pair of fake feet, and that the assistant’s body appears to be very much intact.

Based in Shenzhen, China, Pokerface Man and Embarrassing Man regularly post videos to Kuaishou, a Chinese video-sharing app, where the Pokerface Man account has over 720,000 followers.

The account focuses on humorous revelations of the secrets behind Embarrassing Man’s tricks.

Pokerface Man, real name Hao Yakun, developed an interest in magic in 2009, and alongside developing a large online following in the years since, he also teaches courses on magic for budding illusionists, according to a Chinese media report. Credit: Pokerface Man via Storyful

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