Magura V5 naval drones caused $500 million damage to Russian Navy - HUR

Ukrainian naval drone MAGURA V5 point of view
Ukrainian naval drone MAGURA V5 point of view

As of now, Black Sea Fleet already suffered more than $500 million in losses as a result of HUR special forces utilizing Magura V5 drones, said Andriy Yusov, a representative of Defense Intelligence of Ukraine on a national TV on May 10.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet has sustained over $500 million in damage due to Magura V5 drones operated by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine (HUR), according to Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukrainian Defense Intelligence, who spoke on national television on May 10.

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The success of the Magura V5 maritime drone is credited to Ukrainian manufacturers who developed a unique weapon capable of inflicting significant damage on enemy fleets. Yusov emphasized that it’s a combination of technical expertise and the skill of HUR operators, particularly the specialized Group 13 unit.

“The secret lies in blending manufacturing prowess with the expertise of the Main Intelligence Directorate operators and specialists,” he said, noting that this combination is constantly evolving and producing new results.

He added that the Magura drone, in the hands of HUR operators, is a formidable weapon and possibly the most effective fighter against the Russian Black Sea Fleet during the full-scale invasion.

Russian Black Sea Fleet losses

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reportedly sunk or incapacitated a third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet over the past two years of the war. The Magura V5 drones notably destroyed the Sergey Kotov patrol ship in Ukrainian territorial waters near the Kerch Strait on March 5.

In March, several Russian ships were also damaged:

Konstantin Olshansky landing ship

Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship

Yamal and Azov landing ships

In Sevastopol on April 21, Ukrainian forces struck the Kommuna rescue ship. On May 6, HUR operators used a Magura V5 drone to destroy a Russian speedboat.

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