Maid jailed 8 months for abusing 89-year-old woman with dementia

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    An overworked & stressed maid can find other avenues to address her problems with the elderly woman. Physical abuse is not one of them.
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    Looking after 6 people including one with Alzheimer's . I'm not surprised the maid went mental. Think MOM should look into this sometimes these helpers are burdened with a big family to look after, it's also not fair to them . I'm Singaporean and I have seen things that makes me feel sorry for them
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    "IMMIGRANTS are there to create JOBS", this is what Vivian Bala has SAID!!
    Give Singaporeans 10 dollars you expect them to eat in RESTAURANT.
    Has ANYONE in Singapore sees Vivian Bala eat at Hawker Center?!!
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    Cannot really blamed the maid in this instance as she was probably overtaxed in looking after 6 people in that household as well as probably untrained to handle an elderly person suffering from dementia, who also was 'mobile' with her hands despite having limited ability rather than being completely bedridden. Being provoked at times while discharging her duties, she reckoned it was alright to retaliate in her own small ways without realising what she did was wrong. In order to look after dementia elderly, one has to be trained and needs a lot of patience, something an ordinary domestic maid might not have and thus this might endanger the person she's caring for....because a person with dementia can do anything untoward and will not remember them, including hurting the person who takes care of them..which in this case is the maid......
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    Any maid should resign if they are not satisfied working for their employer, period.
    No common sense people are supporting this maid. Why dun anyone poke their boss's eye if they dun like their bosses?LoveSingapore replies to Lina is more than correct- "So are you saying a teacher looking after 10 kids allows him/her to abuse the kids? Just because you are mental doesn't justify your abuse."
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    1. Taking care of a 89 year old baby is never an easy task.
    2. Outsourcing it to a maid whose main interest in coming to work here is money, not outpouring of love.
    3. It's plain stupidity the family thinks the maid would solve their problems
    4. That grand-daughter who called the police, what has done otherwise to assist in the care of her grandmother.
    5. There were 6 others in the household - what are they doing - social media and al that jazz but nothing to help around in the house?
    6. The maid needs an interpreter to apologized - that means she can't communicate with the people she lives with.
    7. Disaster waiting to happen
    8. Is the family hoping Yesana will end Mary's life - problem solved?
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    Life is full of problems! We need help from Almighty God. So we need to pray, at least 3 times a day.
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    "Yesana experienced some provocation", calling her stupid, pulling her hair, etc. The maid is not paid to be abused too.
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    If Singapore's authorities had a shred of sense, all Indonesians would be deported to their own country with all possible speed.
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    If the maid is charged for abuse, why is the old woman not charged too for abuse on the maid?
    You mean having dementia is a GREAT excuse? lolololol