Maid who physically abused 9-year-old special needs girl jailed 8 months

Singapore state courts (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

A maid who physically abused a 9-year-old special needs girl by pinching her on the arm and upper lip was jailed eight months on Friday (17 August).

Atika, a 25-year-old Indonesian maid, pleaded guilty in the State Courts to two counts of ill-treating a child under her care. Three others similar charges under the Children and Young Persons Act were taken into consideration for her sentencing. The five offences took place from January to May this year.

According to court documents, Atika started working and caring for the girl in October 2017. The girl, who suffers from Global Development Delay, is unable to talk and dependent on others for her daily basic activities. Her name cannot be revealed to protect her identity.

Atika admitted that she committed the offfences as she was frustrated when taking care of the girl.

On 9 May at night, when Atika was helping the girl to use the toilet, the girl vomited into the sink. Atika was unhappy with the girl and she pinched her hard on the arm.

The following day, when Atika was helping the girl with showering, she washed the girl roughly and scratched her on the back. After showering, the girl urinated on the toilet floor. This angered Atika, who pinched the girl hard on the upper lip.

Shortly after the showering incident, the girl’s mother called the police after noticing the scars on the girl. In the report, the mother said the maid had admitted to hitting the girl previously.

On the same day, the girl received treatment at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. According to a medical report, the girl suffered from abrasion on her upper lip, left shoulder and right forearm, scars on the neck and left elbow, and a bruise on her left shoulder.

Atika could have been jailed up to four years or given a maximum $4,000 fine or both for each offence.