Maintaining harmony in the home

Water bodies are believed to collect positive energy, which is redistributed to different parts of the house.

Our homes should be a sanctuary from the hectic lives we lead. See how feng shui can invite harmony into your living spaces and attract positive energy, which is the key to success.

By Dato’ Joey Yap

Did you know that invisible energies affect our lives? The same goes for gravity and magnetism. We can’t see gravity, but without this force we would fly off into space, so it has a huge impact on our lives.

And then there’s feng shui, an ancient Chinese discipline governing the arrangement and orientation of space in relation to patterns of yin and yang, as well as the flow of life energy known as qi. It aims to create harmony, especially in our homes. In this article, we take a closer look at how you can incorporate principles of feng shui and enjoy the benefits.

Back to basics

Before delving further into this ancient system, it is important to note that today, many contradictory views have surfaced, impairing our judgement. Just to be clear, feng shui is not a superstitious practice that guarantees results after mystically rearranging your furniture.

So, what exactly is feng shui? ‘Feng’ translates to wind while ‘shui’ means water. The Chinese culture associates wind and water with good health, therefore good feng shui is believed to bring fortune luck, while bad feng shui attracts misfortune.

In addition to being among the most basic elements of human survival, both are natural forces that move and flow all over Earth, serving as direct carriers of qi, which fortifies, enhances and harmonises us with our living environment.

Feng shui in the home

The main objective is to determine the lucky feng shui directions in your home. This requires the use of a Chinese compass, also known as a Luo Pan. We can then calculate the qi level and your numerical significance by analysing your birth date, birth hour, animal sign and personal gua number.

The favourable and unfavourable elements are then taken into consideration when orienting the interior décor of a property, as well as the construction and design of the exterior structure.

Rooted in a holistic worldview, feng shui views all things and creatures as part of a natural order – a huge environment that is alive, diverse and always moving. Everything in this natural order swirls with vital energy. According to this view, even your essence is an energy.

Effects of feng shui

This very energy helps us to improve our personal and professional development. It can empower us to achieve prosperity, good health and thrive through life’s ups and downs. Believe it or not, our personal energy flow does affect the way we think and act, which in turn affects how well we perform and succeed in our lives.

This energy (qi) is sourced from the highest peaks of mountains, which are considered an important external environment feature in feng shui. Qi travels from higher to lower ground and accumulates in water bodies. It is therefore advisable to have a qi collection point, such as an aquarium or pond at home to help maintain harmony.

This enables the distribution of positive energy to various parts of the home, which can be used to improve areas of your life, namely wealth, health, relationships and career.

Although the intricacies of feng shui involve all the said fundamentals, one fact remains. While qi originates from a pure environment, know that this positive energy also emanates from inside us.

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