Maintenance efforts in MRT, beyond contract – BURI

MANILA — The Busan Universal Rail Incorporated (BURI) said it has delivered more than what has been specified in its contract with the Philippine government.

BURI project manager, Engr. Roy Mendoza said, “Instead of doing inspections for only 15 days, we are doing it daily. The contract also requires only one track patrol, but now we’re making it two with six members each. Then we have four people at the stations that would respond in case of a problem.”

Buri explained that the glitches in the MRT did not only originate from the maintenance work.

The company notes that some of the issues stem from the train system’s power supply; age of the rails; problems in the door of each train and overloading of passengers, among others.

BURI argues that all railway systems in the world encounter glitches in operations.

The company claims it is doing its duty in maintaining and increasing the number of trains that can operate especially during peak hours.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr), on the other hand, vows to go after those responsible for the purchase of 48 new trains for the MRT that remain unusable.

The transportation department is still waiting for the explanation letter to be submitted by BURI.

The agency also agrees with BURI that the latter should not be the only one to blame for all the glitches in the MRT, but the previous management of the train system, as well.

Meanwhile, the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) vows to prevent the repeat of the glitch that happened with LRT last Tuesday when its operation temporarily stopped for several hours.

The LMRC said rain water got into one of the trains’ cables. Smoke later came out, prompting the LRMC to temporarily suspend LRT’s operation.

LRMC operations director, Rodrigo Bulario said, “We assure that such an incident in train operations will never happen again. We no longer have a problem since we have already replaced the parts that need replacement.”

In case of a problem with LRT’s operation, Bulario said it can easily be fixed since it is LRMC that maintains the trains.

It was in September 2015 when the LRT line1 was privatized after its management was transferred to the LMRC. — Joan Nano | UNTV News & Rescue

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