Major health risks associated with deficiency of vitamin C

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Major health risks associated with deficiency of vitamin C
Major health risks associated with deficiency of vitamin C

17 Oct 2021: Major health risks associated with deficiency of vitamin C

We all need to maintain our overall health from all aspects in order to prevent several dangerous diseases. Over the years, the deficiency of important vitamins and minerals has increased in people, especially vitamin C. From anemia to scurvy, the lack of vitamin C can put you in a lot of trouble. Let's have a look at the diseases caused by its deficiency.

Details: Scurvy denotes a heavy lack of vitamin C

If you do not have vitamin C-rich foods for over three months, you are likely to have severe diseases like scurvy. Initial signs of scurvy include body aches, weakness, and irritability. It may also lead to skin hemorrhages and rashes, gingivitis, and anemia. If symptoms are mild, you can still naturally prevent scurvy by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.

Skin problems: The deficiency can also cause several skin diseases

Vitamin C is the best source to naturally make your skin healthy and lighten dark spots. Its antioxidant properties may even help you fight the damage UV rays can cause and this is why a lot of people add vitamin C serum in their daily skincare routine. Vitamin C deficiency can also aggravate atopic dermatitis. Initial symptoms include itchy, rough, and bumpy skin.

Deficiency: Vitamin C deficiency leads to anemia

Include vitamin C sources in your diet as early as possible if you don't already or you might suffer from diseases like anemia. When you take vitamin C-rich food, you can prevent the shortage of healthy red blood cells in your body. Early symptoms of anemia include fatigue, shortness of breath, and weight loss. Iron supplements are also helpful. However, consult your doctor first.

Guide: How to get rid of vitamin C deficiency?

Incorporate citrus fruits as much as possible in your diet as well as some veggies that are good sources of vitamin C. Strawberries are also an excellent source and can make you feel refreshed almost instantly. Red peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, papaya, sprouts, and grapefruit juice, among others, have loads of vitamin C. Add them to your diet and you will definitely witness positive results.

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